Sound familiar? Life is tough. I want to start taking care of myself properly. I want to start eating healthy and exercising more. I want to develop a stronger mindset and feel at peace with myself. I want to be more productive and feel like I’m managing my time effectively. I want to balance my work, home and leisure life. Ultimately, I want to feel free, fit and healthy and live a creative and happy life where I’m in control.”


30Figured Founder Callum HornigoldIt’s time to make a change.

30Figured is designed for men in their thirties who want more out of life. I’m Callum. I’m in my thirties. Since 2017, I have been experimenting with various self-development experiments to become calmer, fitter and more fulfilled. Why? Because in my late twenties I lost the people who I considered my parents and my best friend. I was tired, anxious and miserable all the time. So I started on a journey experimenting with various self-development challenges. 

Now I’m loving life. I feel calmer, fitter and more fulfilled. I share with you what I’ve learned, interviewing some of the world’s leading experts on inner peace, health & nutrition, and productivity.

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