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The Challenge: 


Take a 5-minute cold shower in the morning, every day for 30 days.


Benefits Of Cold Showers: 


  • Bulletproof your body (boost immune system, significant reduction in chance of sickness)
  • Happier
  • Tougher body (ability to climatize to cold conditions)
  • Wake up faster and feel fresher
  • Supercharge fat loss
  • Increased motivation
  • Become hard as nails!


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My Experience And Benefits Of Cold Showers


Forcing yourself into an ice cold shower every morning is pretty sadistic and most people I’ve spoken to about it have responded with an empirical “No chance!”.

However, if you can break through the initial brutality and survive the first week, there are some serious benefits of cold showers and you really can begin to bulletproof your body.

Here’s what happened to me.


Toughen Up


Being an Englishman, it’s so cold in the winter you’d thank someone for spilling a hot coffee on you.

So the notion of getting into a freezing shower is hardly appealing.

But get this.

Studies show that regular exposure to ice cold water actually increases the number of immune system cells in your body.

And it worked for me.

Usually, I get ill every winter. But after showering in cold water for 30 days (and I continue to do it to this day) there were times where I started to feel ill but the next day I was completely fine.

It’s like my immune system morphed into a formidable beast that couldn’t be messed with.

Now I feel more alert, healthier and my body truly has become a temple.


benefits of cold shower

Wake Up


I’ve always been the sort that feels like they’ve been beaten round the head with a pickaxe every morning, not knowing where I am or what I’m doing.

But hitting a cold shower in the morning is the fastest way to throw your mind into gear and feel ready to smash the day.

The first one is painful, but push past the minute mark and the water will no longer feel as cold. It kind of eventually feels warm and dare I say it, pleasurable.

You’ll walk out feeling fresh and invigorated with much more motivation.


Cheer Up


Every time I got out of the shower I felt like a million dollars. I wanted to do naked cartwheels to the bedroom.


Because studies show exposure to cold water can increase your dopamine levels (the ‘love’ chemical found in your brain) by 500 percent.

This boosted my mood throughout the day.


benefits of cold showers

Cut Up


Now for the simple science bit.

Research shows that cold showers stimulate brown fat, a type of fat that burns extra calories.

So by taking cold showers you are literally burning calories.

You’re getting ripped and tougher all in the space of five intense minutes.

I have noticed a small amount of fat loss since taking cold showers, however I think I’d need to consistently do this long-term while blending them with workouts to really see the results.




There you have it. There are a host of warrior benefits of cold showers. They bulletproof your body, make you happier and get you shredded.

So do you have the balls to start the 30 Day Cold Shower challenge?

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