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The Challenge


Get significantly bigger arms in 30 days without needing to hit the gym.


The Benefits


  • Better aesthetics
  • Stronger physique
  • More self-confidence
  • Develop more self-discipline


How To Get Bigger Arms At Home


Most men want bigger biceps. They’re one of the of the most visible muscles and it does wonders for your self-confidence.


Problem is, work and family commitments can get in the way of you hitting the gym and curling those dumbbells.


I’m going to show you how I developed bigger biceps at home — and anyone can do it providing you have a little motivation.


Although I hit the gym regularly, I save my arm workout for my house.


Below you can visibly see how much my arms grew in just 30 days from this one simple habit.


how to get bigger arms at home

The Huge Arms Habit


Select a room in your house you often walk in and out of.


Being a writer, for me it was my office.


Next, hook a chin-up bar to the door frame.


And here’s the simple trick.


Every time you walk in and out of that room, make a deal with yourself to do three chin-ups.


That’s it. Just three.


If you can only manage one or two then that’s fine. It’s more about progressively increasing them as the weeks pass.


After a week, if you feel like knocking it up try adding another chin-up.


After the second week, try adding another, and so on.


Providing you pair this with eating protein-rich foods to enable your muscles to repair and grow, I guarantee you’ll see HUGE results.


It really is that simple.


All great acts are developed by a series of small, consistent habits and this is the perfect example of what you can do with a little discipline.


how to get bigger arms at home

My Experience


Week One


I’ve been wondering how to get bigger arms at home for a while. Problem is, the idea of masses of brutal chin-ups in a row had put me off in the past. So I wondered if I could just do low reps but make a habit of doing them as regularly as possible.


I hook up my chin-up bar and I’m ready to go.


My arms measure in at 14 inches. Right before I get down to some office work I decide to grab a glass of water. Here goes nothing.


One. Two. Three. Easy.


Over the course of several hours I’m in and out the home office 12 times.


By the end of the day, my arms feel pumped.


Week Two


No visible gains yet however my arms appear more toned and feel much firmer. I’ve increased my chin-ups to five.


I can feel the burn and sometimes question whether I really need to go make myself a coffee and face another five.


But it’s a win-win as I either build bigger arms or crack on with my work.


Week Three


By now, my biceps feel solid and I’ve started to develop a noticeable peak.


Being able to visible see the size increase only motivates me further.


I knock the chin-up goal to six every time I enter and leave the office.


Week Four


It’s the final full week. I’ve knocked my chin-ups to six every time I enter or leave the room.


I can feel I’m far stronger.


To test it, I’m able to do 12 in a row.


I also have a much more distinguished peak.


Time for the tape test. 16 inches! BOOM!


In just 30 days I added two inches to my biceps.


This is something I want to keep pushing far after the 30 days and it’s pretty much the norm for me now.


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