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Odds are, you have at least one thing in your head right now you want to do to improve yourself. Problem is, you’re too busy and in order to do it you need to free up time right?




The truth is you already have time. Hours of time you may not be recognising.


In this article, I will explain how to use your time doing mundane activities and turn it into time doing things that are going to have a huge positive impact on your life.


How To Double Your Productivity


How do I manage to do a set of tasks in one hour that would take someone else two hours?


I combine my ‘must do’s with my ‘want to’s to increase productivity.


The must do’s are the mundane stuff you must do everyday: cleaning, cooking, washing, driving, paying bills etc.


The want to’s are the stuff you want to do. The things that are going to help you improve your life.


Things like learning a new langauge, reading, exercising, stretching and meditating are all things you can do to feel happier. fitter and more fulfilled.


Everyday Mundane Tasks That Can Be Transformed Into Productive Time


Menial tasks that don’t require concentration can be paired with tasks that require more concentration. Here are nine daily chores you can turn into productivity sessions:


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Don’t just sit in the car or mindlessly scroll through social media on the bus to work.


I always read a book while travelling on the bus. I increase productivity by creating a to-do list while driving with voice recognition apps such as Dragon Dictation. Or I hook up my smart phone and listen to my favorite podcasts.


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Turn Bathroom Time Into A Self-development Session


According to, this awesome infographic shows men on average spend two years and 25 days in the bathroom over their lifetime.


185.4 days are spent in the shower, 88.2 days are spent drying yourself and 58.2 days are spent shaving.


824 days are spent brushing your teeth and a whopping 309 days are spent on the toilet (some more than others).


Imagine how you could develop yourself if given over two years.


I developed a toilet self-development reading list to increase productivity with a range of bitesize books.


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I turned shower time into learning time by listening to audiobooks with this waterproof bluetooth showerhead speaker.


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And rather than mindlessly scrolling through Facebook while on the throne dong my thing, I decided to learn Korean by placing laminated lists of the 100 most common Korean verbs on the door in front of the toilet.


Now, I leave the bathroom both a fresher and more knowledgeable person.


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We all need to relax after a busy day. However, you can relax ‘productively.’


Instead of vegetating on the sofa watching TV, I meditate and train my brain to be more focused and productive.


(See ‘Miserable AF: Stop Moaning Start Meditating Be Happy‘)


I combine my meditation session with rolling out my back with this awesome hard foam roller to relieve any tension and also throw in some yoga stretches to stretch out my hamstrings.


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Walking The Dog (Or Cat)


I don’t have a dog.


However, strangely enough I had to take my cat for a walk on a lead every day for over two years.




I lived in Korea on an orange farm. The farmer sprayed dangerous chemicals onto the orange trees.


My cat was a starving stray so we took him in but didn’t want him consuming the dangerous chemicals.


So we slapped the little man on a lead every day and walked him round our garden to stop him from getting cabin fever.


If you have a dog (or find yourself walking a cat somehow) then ‘walkies’ time is golden. Use this time to go for a run while listening to your favorite audiobooks and podcasts on bluetooth headphones.


You can find a range of reviews on the best bluetooth headphones here.


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Making Coffee


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get strange thoughts in my head where I’ll be doing something trivial and all of a sudden I’ll say in my head, “You’ve got 30 seconds to finish it or…”


Perhaps I have mild OCD, or it’s a common thing for people to do. Let me know in the comment sections below.


If you make coffee, or tea if you’re a refined tea-drinking English gentleman, then why not set yourself a challenge while the kettle’s boiling. For example a quick tidy up of your kitchen or living room.


Trust me, the coffee tastes much better afterwards as you’re turning it into a reward.


And if you fail, proceed to pour it over your face and scream, “Shame on me. Shame on me!”


Disclaimer: Don’t do that.


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Calling The Bank


I hate calling the bank. Who doesn’t.


You end up being put on hold while listening to classical music on loop and trying not to pull your hair out or bang your head on the kitchen table.


But now whenever I pay bills I use a free virtual queuing app like LucyPhone.


This enables me to carry out some other task like answering emails, making a quick snack or writing in my gratitude journal (see my article ‘Start Appreciating Life: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge‘).


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Posting A Letter Or Doing A Chore


This one’s simple.


If you need to post a letter or do any chore that requires going anywhere, increase productivity by turning it into a run and get your cardio in for the day.


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A multitude of successful entrepreneurs write a to-do list the night before so they remain focused on the tasks in hand the following day.


If you want to learn a new language, try writing a to-do list in a different language.


It may take a while at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it and start amassing a solid list of various verbs and new vocabulary.


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Hitting the gym sometimes may feel like a chore.


Now I train both my body and mind by either listening to a TED talk through headphones on my smartphone or meditating during my rest periods.


(Check out my article, ‘How Arnold Schwarzenegger Used Meditation To Build Muscle.’)


Hope this helps you to increase productivity. If you have any clever ways to combine your must do’s with your want to’s let me know in the comment section below.

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