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Learn the millionaire morning routines of the world’s elite businessman and productivity experts and the science behind their methods.


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  • Waking up early
  • Meditation
  • Answering emails
  • Hydration and supplements
  • Exercise
  • Cold showers
  • Gratitude journaling


millionaire morning routine

Develop The Millionaire Morning Routine Of Champions


Ask just about any successful entrepreneur on the planet, and they will advocate the benefits of a solid morning routine.


Personally, since developing a regular millionaire morning routine I have become fitter, happier and way more productive.


And the science backs it.


Here are the most common morning habits of the world’s elite businessmen and productivity gurus to inspire you and kickstart your day with success.


Go To Bed Early And Wake Up Before Sunrise


millionaire morning routine


“I wake up at 4.45 am. I like to have that psychological win over the enemy.” ~ Jocko Willink, former Special Ops soldier, productivity expert and jiu jitsu practitioner


[You can check out Jocko Willink on the Tim Ferriss podcast here]


Going to bed and waking up early has a whole host of benefits.


A 2008 study from biologist, Christopher Randler, found that morning people hold the important cards when it comes to business success.


They’re “more proactive,” which leads to “better job performance, greater career success, and higher wages.”


The study also found early risers “feel more in charge of making things happen.”


Other benefits include less distractions, meaning you can be more productive.


You have more time for other activities that increase productivity such as exercise, meditation and eating a healthy breakfast.


Going to bed and waking up early also means you get better quality sleep as it’s more aligned with your circadian rhythm (your body’s 24-hour internal clock based around sunrise and sunset).


Productivity tool for early risers:


millionaire morning routinePhilips Wake Up Light


The Philips Wake Up Light produces an artificial dawn, slowly waking you up rather than the brutal shock of an alarm clock. It is also more inline with our circadian rhythm, simulating sun rise.





millionaire morning routine


“When I’m alone in a hotel room I meditate. I’ll go into a certain pattern of breathing and I’ll concentrate on my breath. When I do that I can achieve a good objective look at life and I can relieve myself of any necessary concerns.” ~ Joe Rogan, UFC color commentator and world-famous podcast host


[Listen to Joe Rogan talk about the benefits of meditation here]


Meditation is a cornerstone for any successful millionaire morning routine.




A study by the University Of Washington, Seattle found that HR workers who participated in an eight-week meditation course were found to be more focused and have a less negative attitude towards work.


Meditation lowers your heart rate and improves your health, significantly reduces stress, gives you more control of your emotions and increases productivity.


All these benefits lead to a calm mind and body, empowering you with the focus to be more productive throughout the day.


[Check out my article, ‘Miserable AF? Stop Moaning Start Meditating Be Happy‘ to see how meditation cured my anxiety and significantly improved my life]


Productivity tool for meditation:


millionaire morning routinesHeadspace App


The Headspace app teaches you life-changing methods of meditation in just a few minutes each day. It is used my millions of people across the world to start their day in a calm and positive manner.



Don’t Check Your Emails First Thing In The Morning


millionaire morning routine


Never check your emails first thing in the morning. Instead, complete your most important task by 11.00am to avoid using lunch or reading email as a postponement exercise.” ~ Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Workweek and self-development guru


[See Tim’s millionaire morning routine here]


An analysis by The University of British Columbia found that checking your emails only three times a day resulted in lower stress levels and higher feelings of positivity.


And feeling more positive isn’t the sole reason for increased productivity.


Productivity is about being proactive, not just reactive.


Your emails are not your to-do list and instead of doing the stuff you set out to do you’ll be reacting to what others want you to do.


Instead, write a to-do list the night before, get it done and then check your emails.


Productivity tool for monitoring emails:


millionaire morning routinesIf This Then That


If This Then That is a free tool that texts you if someone you deem important emails you.


This will enable you to avoid trolling through emails in the morning while ensuring you don’t miss any that truly require urgent attention.


Hydration And Supplementation 


millionaire morning routine


“I drink water and take my supplements. Water is important because most of us are very dehydrated at night.” ~ Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning and memory & speed-reading expert

[Check out Jim’s morning routine here]


Drinking water is essential to kickstart your brain and body in the morning.


The benefits include:


  • increased flow of oxygen and the production of muscle and red blood cells
  • kickstart your metabolism to maintain a healthy weight
  • flush out toxins by enabling your kidneys to function better
  • more optimum brain function as it’s comprised largely of water
  • stay full for longer, meaning less inclination to snack before lunch


All these result in a healthier, more productive human being.


Taking the right supplements daily is also paramount for optimal performance. 


Our body needs a whole host of vitamins and minerals, many that our body does not naturally produce enough of, leaving us tired, sluggish and irritable.


Check out my article, ‘I’m Tired And Miserable All The Time: Eat These 6 Mood-Lifting Foods‘ to learn exactly what our bodies need to function effectively.


Productivity tools for drinking more water and supplementation:


millionaire morning routineUlla Water Monitoring Device


Ulla neatly fastens onto your water bottle and detects how much you drink. It is programmed for optimal drinking times and flashes when you need to take a sip of water.



millionaire morning routineAsobu Combine Daily Pill Organizer With Water Bottle


The Asobu Combine Daily Pill Organizer allows you to keep all your pill supplements neatly compacted within a water bottle — perfect for those who want to ensure they drink enough water while supplementing the right vitamins and minerals.





millionaire morning routine


“I get up at five, meditate for 30 minutes and then do a seven-minute workout three times. I look to build a lot of consistent routine. The same thing every day. It allows a steady state that enables me to be more effective when I do have to react to something out of band.” ~ Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter


A multitude of entrepreneurs begin their millionaire morning routine with exercise.


study by Briston University found that morning exercises can increase your concentration at work by 21 percent and increase motivation by a staggering 41 percent.


Another study found that exercise has been shown to reduce workplace burnout, due to “increased well-being and decreased psychological distress, perceived stress, and emotional exhaustion.”


And forgetting the science for a minute, smashing a quick morning workout makes you feel like a beast who can tackle anything.


Cold Showers


millionaire morning routine


“There is still every reason for healthy people to take cold showers, or swim outside in cold water. It gives you the feeling that you are alive.” ~ Wim Hof, aka ‘The Iceman’, holder of the world record for the longest ice bath and creator of ‘The Wim Hof Method’


[See the ‘Wim Hof Method’ here and start building your immune system now]


While taking a quick cold shower may, as Wim Hof says, make you “feel alive,” there are also a wealth of scientific studies showing how it can boost productivity.


Cold showers have been shown to:

  • bulletproof your immune system meaning your brain and body are functioning at full speed
  • increase dopamine levels meaning you feel happier and more alert
  • help you lose fat, ensuring you stay healthy and less sluggish


Don’t believe it? Try taking my 30 Day Cold Showers Challenge to experience the insane benefits now.


Write A Gratitude Journal


millionaire morning routine


“Scan your room right now for 30 seconds and look for everything that’s brown. Keep looking, scanning all around. Now tell me what you saw that was red. It’s harder because you were looking for brown. If we scan the environment fixated on brown, we miss the reds. The same goes for positivity and negativity.” ~ Clark Dangerous, entrepreneur and founder of


[Check out Clark’s ‘No Bullshit Guide To Keeping A Gratitude Journal‘ here]


Starting a gratitude journal was one of the biggest turning points in my life.


It was initially something I was against and strongly saw as ‘happy clappy’ crap.


However, it completely changed how I perceived the world and gave me motivation to win the day. Practicing gratitude is a common millionaire morning routine habit amongst successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins.


Research by UC Psychologist, Robert Emmons, shows that keeping a regular gratitude journal can significantly increase well-being and positive emotions.


If you can start the day off with a positive mindset, you’re in a much better position to accomplish the challenges that lie ahead.


Try taking my 30 Day Gratitude Journal Challenge to start appreciating your life more and become more productive.


Whether you’re a millionaire or not, if you have your own millionaire morning routine you’d like to contribute to the 30Figured community, let us know in the comment sections below. 

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