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The Challenge


Go 30 days without complaining.


The Benefits


  • Deeper appreciation for life
  • Develop problem-solving thinking
  • More positive attitude
  • Better conversations
  • Jedi mind control
  • People become more positive around you
  • Ability to not let things annoy you.


no complaining challenge


How To Do The 30 Day No Complaining Challenge


Use a rubber band or a hair band around your wrist.


If you begin to complain and manage to be aware of it, stop yourself and ‘twang’ the band. This programs your brain into recognising complaining as a negative action and makes you more mindful every time you do it.


If you complain, add another day onto the 30 days.


Moaning is defined as speaking negatively about a person or an event without citing a solution to fix the problem.


If the problem can’t be fixed, then it isn’t worth complaining about and should be accepted.


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no complaining challenge


My Experience And Benefits Of Not Complaining


I’ve been wondering how to stop complaining for a while now as I could see the more I complained the less happier I became.


And when I set myself the 30 day no complaining challenge I had very little faith I could do it.


For one, I’m British. Apart from Quidditch, cups of tea and monocles, us Brits love to moan. We moan about the weather, the government, bills, shoddy service, cold calls and how expensive everything is. We even moan about how tired we are of moaning.


So did I manage to stop complaining and start living? And perhaps more importantly, what did I learn from it?


how to stop complaining


People Complain A Lot


The first thing I observed was that I complain a lot. I see myself as a generally positive guy who believes every problem has a solution.


However, on my first day I counted seven moans and two of them I wasn’t even aware of until after. In total, I ended up adding 12 days.


If moaning is buried deep into your psyche, like me, then it is something that you’re  going to have to be very focused to get rid of but the results are worth it. Read on to find how it can have a massive, positive impact on your life.


no complaining challenge


Ability To Appreciate Other Things In My Life


Sometimes I would feel a twinge of anger at something, go to complain and then stop myself.


Trying to let go off the thought can be difficult. Our brains need an alternative direction so I replaced the thought with thinking about something I was appreciative of in my life.


It’s a good idea to spend five minutes writing these down first before you start the no complaining challenge. That way you’ve got a go-to list in your head. (Check out my ‘30 Day Appreciate What You Have Challenge‘)


Once I had dropped the negative thought and replaced it with a thought of something I appreciated, I would instantly feel more positive.


no complaining challenge


Started To Have More Control Of What I Worried About


When you become more aware of the things you complain about, you become more mindful and analytical.


You naturally start to filter out the trivial stuff (usually the small stuff that’s just mildly irritating parts of life) and become more analytical on how to solve the bigger problems.


If you stop moaning and rather try to think of a solution this instantly drowns a negative thought before it ever has a chance to surface.


This also stops you from feeling the negative physical symptoms from the thought. Anger, disappointment and frustration all get buried and are replaced with proactive solutions.


This meant I was walking round feeling happier and calmer. And you can do the same. If there aren’t any solutions, again, simply let the thought go and replace it with something positive.


no complaining challenge


People Become More Positive Around You


As Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, says:


“Happiness is contagious and will always manage to find a solution.”


It’s true. People generally tend to be a mirror of yourself reflecting back at you.


(Disclaimer: However there are some people no matter how positive you are will always try and bring you down and you should avoid.)


I noticed that while generally being less negative, the people around me seemed happier.


That’s not to say I went round with a irritating false sense of optimism all the time (hey life can be tough, we are all suffering in some way), but rather just was more realistic on what mattered and what didn’t.


no complaining challenge


Developed An Understanding Of When ‘Complaining’ Can Be Appropriate


Distinguishing between complaining and reaching out for advice is an essential part of knowing how to stop complaining.


Rather than moaning about a problem, ask your friends for their input if it’s something that can be solved.


There’s a difference between moaning and reaching out for help and generally people are quite flattered that you’d come to them for advice.


no complaining challenge




Moaning is a habit of many, but rarely useful. Knowing how to stop complaining can provide you with the tools to enjoy life more, form better problem-solving skills and better relationships.


So, try the no complaining challenge and see what it does for you. Just 30 days and I guarantee you it will improve your mood and outlook on life.


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