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Indiana Jones had the Holy Grail. Bradley Cooper had the Limitless Pill. Frodo Baggins had the Ring. 


Men in their thirties have cod liver oil.


If you’ve ever felt you’re not the young stallion you were in your twenties but rather, an aging war horse, it’s seriously time to inject some cod liver oil into your diet.


Science shows cod liver oil can help you become smarter, faster and stronger in your thirties.


Here are 5 awesome benefits of cod liver oil that can help you wake up every day feeling fresh, motivated and powerful.


benefits of cod liver oil


1 | Increases Focus And Memory


Did you know your brain is mainly comprised of fat?


More specifically, this includes omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA.


In fact, DHA accounts for 97 percent of all the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain.


DHA is responsible for your overall brain and eye health.


It’s also an integral component of your cerebral cortex, the part of your brain which is responsible for all the important stuff: language, memory, emotion and creativity.


Basically, it’s what enables your brain to function at your top level so it’s essential to fuel it with DHA. Studies have even found that being low in DHA is actually associated with a smaller brain.


One of the major benefits of cod liver oil is it’s loaded with DHA, meaning you can actually become smarter and have better memory retention by supplementing it daily.


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2 | Provides Brain Longevity


As soon as you hit your forties, your brain starts to slow down and actually decreases in size by five percent per decade.


Pretty scary stuff.


This can lead to all sorts of nasty things such as poor memory, poor ability to learn and even alzheimers.


Some of the benefits of cod liver oil include boosting your memory and brain power, and potentially even protecting you from early onset of alzheimers.


So it’s a damn good idea to get into the habit of supplementing it now before aging properly begins to take effect.


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benefits of cod liver oil


3 | Improves Your Aerobic Fitness


Want to run a mile in personal record time?


Well cod liver oil could be the key.


Cod liver oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Once again, DHA takes the gold.


DHA has been linked to a whole host of benefits.


study on 40 in-shape young wrestlers performing incremental training found that just a low daily dose of DHA improved their scores on a multitude of lung function tests.


Furthermore, a study involving Australian Rules football players found that just under two grams of DHA decreased their blood pressure and heart rate during submaximal exercise.


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benefits of cod liver oil


4 | Increases Protein Synthesis


While the neurological benefits of cod liver oil are much publicized, it can also charge up your gym gains too.


For any gym-goer, it’s pretty safe to assume you know what protein does.


But for the sake of anybody getting into muscle-building (see ‘Can Only Workout Once A Week? Do This‘), your body uses protein to build and repair muscles.


Studies have shown cod liver oil increases protein synthesis, the process in which amino acids found in your food are arranged into proteins.


It’s simple.


The more you take your daily recommend dose of cod liver oil, the more potential for protein synthesis.


The more protein, the more muscle gains.


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5 | Speeds Up Recovery


Cod liver oil may speed up recovery after the gym by reducing chronic inflammation.


There are two kinds of inflammation: good and bad.


Good inflammation (acute) is the kind that sends white blood cells to a wound and repairs it quickly. It’s the kind that repairs your muscles after a hard workout.


However, bad inflammation (chronic) is the kind that can eventually cause your body to attack itself. It’s linked to all sorts of nasty things like cancer, heart disease and depression.


It can even lead to stalled muscle gains as it increases levels of myostatin, a protein which blocks muscle growth.


So what are the muscle-building benefits of cod liver oil?


Studies show the omega-3 fatty acids in cod liver oil may help reduce inflammation by partially blocking certain proteins that promote it.


This means more gym gains and an overall healthier body.


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benefits of cod liver oil
How Much Cod Liver Oil Do You Need?


Because our bodies don’t make omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil, we need to supplement it.


The Weston A. Price Foundation is a great resource for the latest information on cod liver oil manufacturers.


It recommends that men in their thirties take two teaspoons of regular cod liver oil, or one teaspoon of high-vitamin cod liver oil.


But note, each company varies. It’s always best to read the label on your bottle.


If you’re not a fan of fishy burps, then companies in the US like Carlson provide lemon-flavored Norwegian cod liver oil.


In the UK, you can order orange-flavored cod liver oil from companies such as RightNutri.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits of cod liver oil which can turn you into a whole new beast in your thirties.


Try it out and let us know your experience in the comment section below. Alternatively, if you’re already an advocate of cod liver oil, how has cod liver oil worked for you?


Also, if you’d like to know what other supplements you can add to your diet to make you feel fitter and lift your mood in your thirties check out my article, ‘6 Mood Lifting Foods To Feel Epic In Your Thirties.’


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