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“I’m waking up in the dark and leaving work in the dark and it’s freezing in the mornings and gray and the winters get me down and I often imagine a life in the sun with a 180-degree view of the ocean and sipping on coconuts and feeling free.” Who hasn’t. I did once. Then I made it happen — and you can too. Here are 5 
ways to work in paradise.


1. Teach English

 Job availability: 10 | Qualifications needed: Bachelors degree in any subject | Initial costs: Flight and first month’s living expenses (many employers reimburse flights upon arrival)


This was my strategy to work in paradise. I moved to a small sub-tropical island off the coast of South Korea for two years. If you have a degree in any subject, teaching jobs on tropical islands are plentiful and Korea isn’t the only option if you want to bathe in tropical sunshine. There are jobs all over the world. 


The perks include free flights, pension, rent and a good wage enabling me to save over $800 a month. 


Your best source is to find a teaching job is Dave’s ESL Cafe which is updated regularly with new job vacancies. There are also various recruitment agencies that guide you through the application process and search for jobs. However, be sure to read reviews first.


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work in paradise
I look out at this view from my living room everyday. You can make it happen too.

2. Volunteer

 Job availability: 10 | Qualifications needed: None (just a good attitude) | Initial costs: Flights


If you want to work in paradise and aren’t bothered about saving money, work away by volunteering. Most hosts also provide free accommodation and food. Here are a few volunteering ideas:


Organic Farms 


If you don’t mind getting a bit of shit on your boots working on organic farms could be a great option. Check out WWOOF International which helps intrepid adventurers find organic farm jobs worldwide. 

Workers are provided with free food and accommodation and can learn about organic farming practices in a range of tropical and sub-tropical countries. From Costa Rica to the Philippines, Tanzania to India — options are available from all four corners of the globe.


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work in paradise
Natural Building 


If you love using your hands to create and want to work in paradise, this is an excellent way to travel, work, meet interesting individuals and live amongst monkeys and waterfalls.

Sites such as 
ThePoosh help connect volunteers to an array of natural building projects across the planet. I recently went through ThePoosh to create a Lord Of The Rings hobbit-style roundhouse and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Hosts provide food and accommodation and working hours are reasonable, allowing you downtime to explore your unique tropical surroundings.


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work in paradise
Animal Rescue


If you love animals and want to create meaning in your life, what better way than helping save animals in need. There are a number of animals shelter jobs on tropical islands across the world that rescue stray animals.

Check out 
Workaway for animal rescue vacancies if splashing and swimming in the warm, tropical sea with 20 loving rescue dogs sounds like your idea of a nine-to-five.


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Often, house owners want to travel. However, they may be tied to their homes because of their beloved pets. Fortunately, they use a service called Trusted Housesitters.

You can literally sit on your ass for days stroking a dog in a mansion all for free. There are tropical locations all over the globe and it’s a unique way to get free accommodation and explore paradise.


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work in paradise
3. Domestic Couple Jobs

 Availability: 7 | Qualifications needed: Previous experience in specific sector | Initial costs: Flight and first month’s living expenses


Often, people’s aspirations to work in paradise are shut down because they are in a relationship. They have to find two separate jobs making it twice as difficult.

However, if you want to live among the sun-kissed sands with your lovely lady check out 

The site provides a range of domestic couple jobs worldwide. 
Jobs range from house caretaking, driving, mobile home management, pub management, childminding, sales, teaching and even jobs working on a ranch.


This also enables couples to save a substantial amount as accommodation and food is often provided.


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work in paradise
4. Become A Digital Nomad 

 Availability: 6 | Qualifications needed: None, just good writing skills | Initial costs: Flights and a decent client/fan base


In today’s society they are called ‘the new rich’. They are young entrepeneurs who work away online, travelling the world and managing mini empires from their laptops.

If your dream is to sip on a mojito in Cuba while writing your next blog, or working on a coding project, or taking a break from writing a freelance article to cool down in the deep blue ocean in Barbados, then why not become a digital nomad.


Start writing for free. Get some experience behind you and then apply for writing jobs online. Sites such as 
ElanceUpworkFreelancer and Fiverr all provide writing jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Also, the money isn’t bad once you consider the favourable exchange rates of many tropical countries.


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Alternatively, if you have a good work ethic and patience, set up your own website or blog. You can 
work in paradise by earning money from Google Adsense or affiliate programs like Amazon Associates. If you don’t currently have the time, check out my article How To Create More Time In Your Thirties.

Here’s the deal:

Setting up a blog and growing a fan base takes time and effort, but it will only grow if you maintain it. Eventually, you could be sat on the sand in the Philippines, enjoying the warm evening breeze after finishing ‘work’ for the day.   


work in paradise
5. Apply For Jobs In Your Current Career

 Availability: 5 | Qualifications needed: Career dependent | Initial costs: Flight and money for first month, relocation costs, visa, housing deposit, first month’s rent, potential healthcare, emergency savings


Perhaps you’ve already built a successful career and don’t want to just drop it all to work away. Well, you can work in paradise and continue your career.

There are a range of jobs available from around the world in English-speaking tropical countries such as 
South Africa, the Philippines, Guyana, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Nigeria and Malta. 

is a site for wannabe expats that provides all the information for finding work in these countries and more. It provides essential information including the job market, what jobs are popular with expats and where to look for jobs. It also offers info on how to apply for jobs and working conditions in each country.


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There’s also a whole host of sites popping up that promote jobs that can be done literally from anywhere in the world. Check out sites like WorknRemote that enable you to travel, armed with your laptop while getting paid.


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Success tastes sweet, doesn’t it? Guys, let’s share what we’ve done to get out of the rat race by commenting on the section below. Do you think these are the best methods to work in paradise? Have you done something different?


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